Keith In Pattaya – Thailand

Blogging my way around Pattaya and sometimes Thailand



New Samis International Restaurant

This is a great place for some good food. First impression is the car park is a good size! They upgraded to this location about two & a half years ago, having been further up the road towards Tara Pattana in a single unit for maybe five years before that. As you walk in there is a good sized aircon room on your left. There is a large seating area to the right. Although it is inside, it is well ventilated due to the side walls being open on three sides, with roller blind screens if needed. Ok, it looks a bit empty, however these are very hard times, and […]

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The Peaky Blinders, Soi 1 Phratamnak, Pattaya, Thailand

Ok, this one is a bit of fun and the first time I heard about this one I was in a private house and was asked if I wanted a Takeaway from The Peaky Blinders! I knew I would have to do a blog! Even more strange was the next question “Do you want a Reuben Sandwich?” Probably not something you would relate to The Peaky Blinders, so after some discussion, we both ordered a Reuben and it turned out to be really very good, not that I know much about American grub and taking up my total input of Reuben Sandwiches to Two! A few days later, as chance […]

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The Glass House Beachfront Restaurant and Bar, Najomtien Beach, Pattaya

This is a great place to relax and have some really good food, have a Cake with Coffee or a Cold drink. Make it romantic or bring the kids for family time. It has spectacular views of the beach and seafront, and you can sit on the beach or under cover with seating on three floors! The place is really large and rambling with lots of choices of seating, including some with Aircon. So I said to the waiter ” Do you have Crabs Legs ?” He said ” No, it’s just the way that I walk! “ There are lots of tables for extended family gatherings here! Or you […]

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Aloha Cafe, Chum Phae, Khon Kaen, Thailand.

A nice place for some nice grub and a coffee or a snack. Aloha is in an area where there is not too much of a choice for a bit of grub and a bit of aircon. Situated on the edges of Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum districts Chum Phae is here Google Maps link is here. Been there to get my fix of Farang grub many times, and always good food and good staff. Apart from Pizza’s there are a variety of Salads, and then a variety of Pork, Beef, Salmon, Chicken and Fish & Ship! I must admit I have never tried the Fish & Ship but probably ok […]

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Mama’s Cafe, Soi Six, Beach Road, Pattaya, Thailand.

Ok it is just about thirty yards, sorry thirty metres, up on the right hand side of the Soi from Beach Road. A veritable quiet spot for a bit of nice food away from the noise and madness that Soi Six tends to be! Been here many times and always good grub. This time I had the Lasagna from the Chalk Board out front. It was really good! Not sure my picture does it justice but it came on a sizzling trivet! A mix of French / Italian food I think because of Marcel, the owners background. But Thai food is also availiable. And Pizza is a speciality. Lots of […]

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