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Fly Koh Larn, Koh Larn Island, Pattaya, Thailand.

Ok this is what it is all about! Up there in silence flying on the rising wind from the west

Meanwhile, we are starting from Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier, we need to negotiate the Covid assault course, to get on a boat to Koh Larn Island, where Fly Koh Larn operate from.

Leaving Bali Hai Pier

So we are off, leaving Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier on a speedboat. The ferry leaves from here too and is a fair bit cheaper, at 30 baht. We arrived a bit late for the ferry, and with faffing about with the App, before we were allowed on the pier, we were a bit tight to get the 09.00am first one, and we negotiated to get the speedboat, which left after the ferry but arrived before it. Next ferry was at midday, because of the Covid situation, there are only three per day at the moment. At normal and busier times there are a lot more running.

Our Ride, backed up on the beach.

A ferry lands at the far end of Tawaen Beach at the Quay or you can take a smaller speedboat which can reverse up to the beach so you can jump off the back and walk up the beach through the water, which is what we did! It is a really nice beach too, with water you just want to paddle or swim in!

Looking up from Tawaen Beach there is a Gold Budda statue nestled in the foilage, near the top of the hill. That is where you will find Fly Koh Larn. Easy to get a ride up there or, if you phone them and book, they will pop down and pick you up.

This is a great place to pop up to see, because it is a great viewpoint, above Tawaen Beach on Koh Larn Island. And oddly, if you want to see more of the view you can, courtesy of a dual flight from Fly Koh Larn, with a dual harness and a skilled pilot!

The view above is spectacular, but also the launching point where you and your pilot make that leap of faith and run off the edge! Ok it sounds a bit iffy but they are very professional and safety concious. The chap below might help to keep and eye on you too!

For my flight I was harnessed up and then connected to my pilot. The wing was lifted (it is laid out on the floor behind us) and I was previously instructed to run….however we went back a little and sat down. The second lift was pretty instant, the wing went up and we lifted off straight away, no time to run, just up!

Landing back at take off point!

Once up in the air you are in a sitting position in front of the pilot, who flies along the ridge to catch the wind, rising up the hill, and we went left then right serenely flying along.

However as wonderful as it was, nothing lasts forever and we eventually made our way down and landed carefully on the beach! All in all a good experience, well worth trying. They send a helper down to assist with the landing and to recover you and your pilot back up to the top should you wish, but it is a great beach and you are here already!

Ok, in the pictures above, on the left you can see it is busy, but we are waiting for the wind to pick up, and it did about 11.00. On the right is a lone flyer, he is actually grinning from ear to ear after going up on his own, and had just come back. They do of course do instruction for people to learn to fly on their own, and they can purchase their own rig to do it. They can land back at the take off point or sometimes land on the beach below.

Your adventure can really start here! This is a link for their Facebook. Phone No. and Line are +66800693871

A big thanks to Geoff D for looking after everything and making a great day out!

But of course you could do worse than spend time on the beach in one of these deckchairs. Whatever you decide it is a great place for the beach or the sky or even a bit of both!

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