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Mum Cafe, Soi 15 Soi Buakhow, Pattaya

This is a very new and welcome addition to the coffee shops available here. They opened on Valentines Day in 2020. I have been there a few times and the food and service was always spot on. It really is a freshly made and healthy option kind of place!

Pleasing and simple decor with a few tables and chairs or comfy sofa seating inside with Aircon or some casual seating outside at the front to watch the world go by.

First time here I tried the Croque Monseur with an added Egg and for my second visit I had the Avo Mash, which comes with Salmon and poached eggs on a slice of Sourdough with a Watermelon Salad. Both well presented and worth going back for.

The Menu has just had a bit of a revamp with a few changed items. Choices for both good grub and healthy options!!

Smoothie Bowls, Brunches, Sandwiches, Poke Bowls, Lean and Healthy, Fruit Smoothies/Juices, and assorted Drinks. Something for every palate! Ok, for those like me, who have no idea what a Poke Bowl is, it was originally an Hawaiian dish made with fish.

My first visits were back in late February and of course things have gone skew wiff with the world since then. It is really good to see they are still muddling through and keeping up the quality. The two dishes above were post apocalypse and were both well made and presented. The Chicken dish was supposed to be Salmon Greens but they were waiting on a delivery, and they made that after a short discussion of options, so it was probably Chicken Greens, but you will not find it on the menu. It is good to have such adaptable and helpful staff.

They can be found on Soi 15, Soi Buakhow which runs directly behind The Avenue onto Soi Buakhow by the Nature View Hotel. Going down Soi 15 from Soi Buakhow they are in the first building on the right hand side.

They have a nice Facebook Page Here and for Google Mappers a link is Here

On a side note, they have been doing some very good and charitable food giveaways and running a fund me page to keep it going. A great job, giving out 300 meals and water for three days a week, helping people with little or no income over these difficult times. Respect for that.

Talking of Healthy Options I just tried a Prime Numer Juice, which is freshly made from: Carrot, Red Apple, Orange, Pineapple,Beetroot, Lime and Ginger. It was really good! Not my usual sort of drink but I just might try another on my next visit!

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