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Time Out Bistro Coffee, Pattaya, Thailand.

Front of Time Out Bistro
Time Out Cafe Bistro

A very nice little Continental Bistro, Cafe, Deli and Bakery.

This is a very multi-functional place. Hot or cold food, Cakes, Coffee, Beer, Wine or Spirits as a Cafe.

Bread, Cheese, Cooked Meats, Cakes, Bottles of Wine or a Coffee Machine and Coffee pods as a Bakery/Deli.

Looking outwards from inside Time Out Bistro

Food is always good and I usually have a breakfast which comes with a juice and a nice coffee. Sometimes something a little smaller or just different, chosen from the bi-lingual menu.

Being on open fronted Cafe there is, of course, always a chance of someone with a fag on, but the two innermost tables have a no smoking sign which is always a plus sign for me.

Always very pleasant and wecoming staff and always offers on chalkboards…if only I could read them!

They are in quite a busy location and almost oposite the 7 Eleven. Bikes can park out front but cars need to look on the side road adjacent to them to try to find somewhere to park up.

Time Out Bistro Coffee is here on Mr Googles Maps.

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