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Siamburi’s, Soi Khao Talo, Pattaya, Thailand.

Siambury's, Soi Kho Noi. Pattaya
Siamburi’s Sign,

This is a great shop for buying grub from back home. Lots of the usual brands and foods. Lots of other things too, some local stuff made like the things from back home…meat pies being a good example. Oh and “from back home” can also mean the complete opposite…… from GB or Aus!

Siambury’s have been running since early in 2016

This picture shows the newer larger size shop, the picture lower down shows it is a smaller size, at the back before being extended.

Open every day, 08.00am to 08.00pm  every day of the week.

PG tips, Tetley, Yorkshire and Typhoo and a host of biscuits to go with your choice. of cuppa!

All the familiar names, Bird’s Custard, Dream Topping and Trifle! Heinz and Branston Baked Beans. Robertson’s Jams. Heinz, Baxters and Campbells soups. Fray Bentos Pies in a tin. Too many to list them all! Remember to get some HP Sauce to put on your Beans on Toast. Yes there was some fresh bread there, last time I popped in.

There are freezers full of stuff, well about eighteen of them, stuffed with too many things of interest to mention. Lets face it you need to wander over here and see for yourself!

Frozen Food :- Covers ready meals for all tastes and fancys, Fish Pie with Mash, Pepperoni Pizza, or make up your own with Pies, Fish, Vegetables and Chips or Mash.

Lots of products from Manston or Prime Food, too many to list! Meat of all kinds from Sausages and Bacon to Burgers and Chops.

Oh and did I mention Cheese ? Wallace and Gromet would be in Cheese Heaven here! Also Jacobs Crackers to hold up your cheese habit and don’t forget the Branston!

There might even be the odd bit of Chocolate, if that is what takes your fancy! Well the chocolate picture is a couple of years old, so don’t quote me on the prices! OK there is a lot of chocolate and sweets to suit all tastes, you can get a Snickers and some nuts (remember the Mr T ad?) or some Jelly Babies or Liquorice Allsorts or a Galaxy that is not so far far away!

Siamburys, Soi Kho Talo, Pattaya, Thailand. This is their Google Maps Link.

Any offers shown here are correct at the time the picture was taken, but lets face it, if you come to Siambury’s and the offers are gone then someone else has got here before you and bought and scoffed it, sorry!

Ok I will add an update here, one of the complaints they get is from customers who arrive and find the offer or product is not there!! Well it is simply a matter of supply and demand, when it is on offer and limited, it goes quickly and they have limited stock. It really can be when it’s gone, IT’S GONE! And availability of things over here are more limited when things are shipped from Blighty or Australia and did I mention Russia? They are always rotating stock, as and when it becomes available, so check their facebook page for offers….and get there quick!

This is the shop before being extended at the back behind the shelf.

There is no card payment available but you can do a Bank Transfer or QR Code cashless payment in store. Or just pop to the cash point on the way there!

Facebook Page is Here Check it out, it is updated regularly and has some good offers.

They have a bit of car parking out the front, and some bike parking at the left hand side, here you can see how Tommy, from Fabulous 103FM Radio Station, has shown how it should be done. Unfortunately customers frequently pop in and leave their bike at the front, or park their car lengthways and take up too much space. Please try to park considerately if you can, to help your fellow shoppers and of course your favourite shop.

If shopping makes you hungry or you are peckish going past, they have a nice selection of ready made sandwiches in the chiller by the door.

Not a local ? No problem now!!

They have now teamed up with :- for deliveries all over Thailand, well almost everywhere, there is an “Excluded Delivery Locations” in amongst the Frequently Asked Questions. The website looks good and easy to use, just sign up, browse and order. Good news if you are not local to Pattaya.

DISCLAIMER :- It is not the responsibility of this Website or Siamburi’s if any Baked Beans, purchased from or because of either this Website or Siamburi’s, are found to be touching other food on your plate. It is recommended you make a purchase from here to prevent your guests (should you have any) from screaming or fainting or just running away.

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    • Hi Mike, sorry have no idea about stock! This is my blog and nothing to do with Siamburi’s! I am just a customer, and although I was there yesterday buying sausages and penguin biscuits I did not look at the sauces. Have a look in my blog and you will find their contact details. Although it is always good to go in person and have a good look at what is available.

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