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Mama’s Cafe, Soi Six, Beach Road, Pattaya, Thailand.

Mama's Cafe Sign. Pizza, French & Italian. Coffee.
Mama s Cafe

Ok it is just about thirty yards, sorry thirty metres, up on the right hand side of the Soi from Beach Road. A veritable quiet spot for a bit of nice food away from the noise and madness that Soi Six tends to be!

Mama's Cafe chalk board outside.
The Chalk Board outside Mama’s Cafe

Been here many times and always good grub. This time I had the Lasagna from the Chalk Board out front. It was really good! Not sure my picture does it justice but it came on a sizzling trivet!

Lasagne on sizzling Trivet and Bread Baket.

A mix of French / Italian food I think because of Marcel, the owners background. But Thai food is also availiable.

And Pizza is a speciality. Lots of famous Gangster names in the line up of Pizzas so worth a look at the menu!

Mama’s Cafe has been there as a permanent fixture for as long as I can remember! Well worth a visit when you are leaving for the Beach end.

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  • I have had a comment from Sean in which he thinks the prices are a little on the high side and mentions the Onion Rings as ” can that be right? ” Well Sean, yes it is right, it says so in the Blog so it must be true!
    Ok, only joking as there are bound to be plenty of errors in my Blogs!
    I suppose the prices might be a tad high, but I have no idea really, I do not really compare because there are so many variables with food and establishments.
    As an example, a Burger can have any price from a fair bit to very little, but that is (hopefully) reflected in the quality. I can admit that I occasionally end up with a basic Macdonalds Cheeseburger, yes, on purpose! but the Burger from Laong’s Bistro in Second Road, Jomtien was a world away and I quickly found an excuse to go back for another! Blog for Laong’s coming along shortly.
    Ok back to the plot: Onion Rings. I have had a few I guess and they seem to be a filler to cover a space on your plate where food should be! I always have one or two but am always left wondering what on earth makes them so popular when they are just rubbish! Until Sean pointed them out I had no idea someone would actually ask for them!!
    So last night I had a wander over to Mama’s Cafe and had Onion Rings! This is a free standing starter and came with a couple of dips. So for me, this was an eye opener as it is the first time I have ever enjoyed Onion Rings! And followed with a Smoked Salmon Salad and a very nice coffee.

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