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Flower and Tree Market, Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya, Thailand

Weekend Market, Sukhumvit Road.

Heading North along the Sukhumvit Road, or away from Pattaya in the direction of Naklua, until at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, then U Turn just past the Hospital at Honda / Kasikorn bank / Mitsubishi and you have arrived. Adjacent to Mini Siam as you can see in the picture below.

This is a very versatile market! Very small Cacti, Flowers for your pond, Flowers for your planters,

Very Large trees or Bushes that you will have job carrying home! I was Quoted 4500 Bt for one but can not remember which one it was!

All seem a bit fishy to you?? Try one of these then!

Hanging down, Hanging up, something to grow or something to make you smile!

Ornaments for your Fish Tank, Wooden stuff, Table and Chairs! Topiary anyone ??

Wind Chimes, Metal pot holders, and more wood ! There is just too much stuff going on here to catalogue it all!

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  • Hi. Great photos. My husband and I lived in North Pattaya and spent many hours in this market.
    I am back in the Uk and taking a course which uses the photos I have of the plants etc that were in the garden we had In Pattaya. I don’t have any of the flower market. Could I please use a couple of yours? I would include them in my course work and not for public display. Regards, Gina

  • Can someone please tell me how much the smallest space costs for the weekend? I have some cacti that I would like to sell. I’m in my 80s and I can’t take proper care of them anymore. Just watering and transplanting them takes too much time. I have a Thai friend that would be there with me since I don’t think foreigners are allowed to sell there.

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