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The Peaky Blinders, Soi 1 Phratamnak, Pattaya, Thailand

Another Shelby Aquisition
Another Shelby Acquisition

Ok, this one is a bit of fun and the first time I heard about this one I was in a private house and was asked if I wanted a Takeaway from The Peaky Blinders! I knew I would have to do a blog!

Peaky Blinders Pratumnak Pattaya

Even more strange was the next question “Do you want a Reuben Sandwich?” Probably not something you would relate to The Peaky Blinders, so after some discussion, we both ordered a Reuben and it turned out to be really very good, not that I know much about American grub and taking up my total input of Reuben Sandwiches to Two!

A few days later, as chance would have it, I am heading down the Curving Pratumnak Hill towards Pattaya Second Road when I was rather surprised to see the sign for The Peaky Blinders on the right hand side and just had to stop by for a look.

The Peaky Blinders has only been open a few months and has been fitted out with some authentically aged reclaimed wood for both the tables and panelling and it is looking good. Well fitted out, on theme, and with some impressive artwork of Tommy and the Shelbys by a local Artist.

Being set up by an American Chef aka ET (and hence the Reuben on the Menu) who is planning to go towards quality and not quantity. Probably not a good idea to have authentic Menu, unless you fancy a Dripping Sandwich!

I have managed to pop over again this morning and ordered the English Breakfast, which came with Coffee or Tea and two toast with some homemade Strawberry and Grape Jam. All in, it was really good, my choice of Poached Eggs came out perfectly and it seemed to be really good value for the price.

English Breakfast

Half way through my breakfast a visual treat arrived on a nearby table and I had to have one! I forcibly left some of the Toast and Potato to leave some room!

Now that's a Treat!

It was a Greek Yogurt and diced Fruit Parfait and its taste lived up to its Visual expectations.


Just a taster for the menu. It is very fluid at the moment with some things being added and removed before a reprint. There is a good Breakfast Menu too.

They are open from 8 am till midnight and closed on Mondays. For assistance finding the Shelby’s newest acquisition a map is here. There is some street parking for Cars and Horses but not Canal Boats.

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