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Canterbury Tales Bookshop, Guest House and Cafe, Soi Chayapoon, Pattaya, Thailand.

Canterbury Tales Bookshop, Guest house and cafe Sign.
Canterbury Tales Guest House,
Bookshop & Cafe.

Canterbury Tales are a long established Bookshop, Cafe and Guesthouse.

View along Soi Chaiapoon, Pattaya, Thailand
Canterbury Tales on the left. Lots of Hustle and Bustle in this Soi.

The back of the desk is crammed with Books including some new ones. They also keep a few there held back at customers requests.

Situated at the end of Soi Chaiapoon just metres from Soi Bukhao and very near to LK Metro Complex they are easily accessible for a snack, cuppa or a good book. Of course by default anyone staying here is right where the night life is. There is always someone to chat with in the seats out front, usually including the owner Dave who has been wearing out the seats in front for fifteen years. A very sociable place for snacks and or a cuppa. If only they came there for the Brexit Talks it would have been sorted on the same day!

Outside Canterbury Tales Bookshop.

Dave runs the Guest House side and his brother Ron has taken over the Books side and Dave’s wife Yao runs the Food and Reception Desk side.

This is a surprisingly large bookshop and probably the only English Bookshop in Pattaya. When you look inside you can see that the bookshelves disappear into the rear of the shop. They have a good system in place too, so when you buy a book you can bring it back and get money back off your next one. They will also take in your books from elsewhere. Second Hand Books go for 60 to 180 Baht.

Their rooms are available on Airbnb for bookings but for regulars an Email to Dave at ” [email protected] ” usually gets advance bookings sorted. They are full as I write this so they must be doing something right! Return bookings being their best customers. They have a variety of room sizes with price to match, so there should be something for everyone. Starting from 450 baht and versatile deals depending on the length of stay.

The menu has been changed and reduced, since they only recently re-started food, being mainly a snack menu. I had a Scrambled Egg and Ham Toasted Sandwich with Tea. I think that was a healthier option than the fry up I was thinking about! They are open from 09.00 until 6.00pm

Want to find them on Google Maps?

Just popped in again today because the place I wanted to test a breakfast at ( very nearby ) was not open till 12.00 and I could not wait ! I had the Beans on Toast and added an egg as an extra. Sorry no picture as I was too hungry to wait! Was good!

Have a look at their Facebook?

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