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New Samis International Restaurant

This is a great place for some good food. First impression is the car park is a good size! They upgraded to this location about two & a half years ago, having been further up the road towards Tara Pattana in a single unit for maybe five years before that.

As you walk in there is a good sized aircon room on your left. There is a large seating area to the right. Although it is inside, it is well ventilated due to the side walls being open on three sides, with roller blind screens if needed.

Ok, it looks a bit empty, however these are very hard times, and I usually try to eat earlier than most! What you can not see though, is that the Aircon room had a few tables in use from before we arrived. When we left, there were another few tables in use near us.

We had a quick look through the menu, it is written in English and German, their sign has German, Thai and Swiss flags. However, after perusing a few pages, the Set Menu caught my eye. We had a brief chat and then both decided to go for it. We both chose the Boiled rather than Fried Breaded Fish. Served with a dill sauce and with creamed spinach, Popeye and Olive would have loved it!

The Starters came out and looked and tasted exellent! Large prawns on a big plate, visually exeeded expectations.

The Mains were well presented and went down a treat. Then there is a choice of Coffee, Tea, Ice Cream or Fruit. Well it was a bit late for coffee and we both chose Ice Cream, I had the strawberry, Rian had Vanilla.

They are very welcoming and have good service, we will be going back shortly! At the time of writing they are not allowed to serve alcohol, with or without food. Hopefully those Rona Restrictions will be dropped soon!

They have an exellent Facebook page which is here. They are up Noen Plub Wan, and turn right at the Tara Pattana International School sign. Go past the Market on the right and then there is a 7-eleven on your left, Time Out Bistro is almost opposit on the right, and just turn right straight after, and there is a Samis sign just there. Still confused and lost? There is a Link to Samis from those nice people at Google maps here.

Ok get yourselves up there and enjoy. We will be back this week!

Almost Forgot, you can pop in for coffee and cakes, I just saw on their facebook page they have some fruit tarts and some cheesecake, maybe we will pop by tomorrow for some of those!!

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