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Nicky’s Restaurant Bar & Guesthouse, Soi Buakhow, Pattaya, Thailand.

Nicky’s, Soi Buakhaw, Pattaya

This is a great place for home from home cooking, run by an English couple, David and Debbie. The food has always been good for me, sometimes a breakfast, sometimes a pick from their well thought out menu.

Mega Breakfast, too much for me!

Plenty of breakfast items, with a proper full english with toast through Eggs Benedict onto a healthy options Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs on Granary. Almost every option coming with Tea or Coffee.

Well laid out inside.

An assortment of Burgers and Ribs and lots of choices from the Mains and House Specials, Hunters Chicken, Bangers & Mash, Haddock & Chips and Beef Stew & Dumplings.

Sunday Roasts are a favourite too, Slow Roast Pork, Beef or Leg of Lamb, served with Oven Roast & Mash, fresh Veg, Yorkshire Pudding and Aaahh Bisto!

Who’s been eating my Haddock, & Chips ? Ok it was me, I almost forgot a pic!

If you are feeling a bit peckish now you can order a take away from Foodpanda, GrabFood or Hungry Now, but you do need to be fairly local!

A very convenient location, they have 13 rooms starting from 800 bt, featuring aircon, minibar, en-suite’s, TV/Cable, fridge, safe and daily housekeeping.

If you have a bit of time to fill they have a table full of books to choose from, but not serious competition for Canterbury Tales Bookshop if you are a serious reader.

Situated conveniently on Soi Buakhao, which is a baht bus route for easily and cheaply moving about. Not far from a few things to see or do, even if you want to walk:- 15 minutes to the Beach. 14 minutes to Walking Street. 13 minutes to Central Festival Mall. 5 minutes to LK Metro.

Big thanks for Google Maps for using their links and for taking the above pic of the little Red Beast which is a screenshot from Street View.

Well that was randomly strange, writing this blog I checked Google maps and zoomed in on the “Nicky’s” label and there is my ride, the little Red Beast! Randomly happened to be there while Mr Google sent his photo mapping car down Soi Buakhow. While this was happening, unbeknown to me, I was inside enjoying the 99/149 baht breakfast below, I was there for about an hour!

Nicky’s Facebook page links from here.

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  • Good report Keith, thanks. I’ve always enjoyed the food at Nicky’s too. Funny about your red car getting itself photographed outside by Google maps.

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