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The Hideaway Guest House and Bar, Soi Buakhao 15, Pattaya, Thailand.

Front View of the Hideaway Bar and Guest House. Looking Busy.
The Hideaway Guest House and Bar.

This is a friendly Guest House and Bar. Situated just off Soi Buakhao. Run by the owner, a very friendly chap called Andy and when I met him I found he was someone I had to really look up to! He has been running the Hideaway for almost four years.

Looking towards Soi Buakhao and the Nature View Hotel at the far end.

They are on Soi Buakhao 15 which is the Soi that runs from Soi Buakhao to the back of the Avenue Mall, so it is easy to find. For Google Maps this is the link. They are down the Soi opposite the Nature View Hotel.

They do have entertainment on some evenings, such as every Wednesday evening at 8.00 is a ” Kev-in-Thailand ” meeting. They do have other entertainment but usually a one off and posted in the bar.

The Kev-in-Thailand meetings are a very social evening and Andy puts on some free food and Kev is here on a social mission chatting to all and sundry. He is a bit of a character and makes informative Video Blogs on YouTube ( Vlogger ) covering an enormous variety of subjects where he Video’s himself and talks about whatever he is up to at the time. Here is a link to Kevs YouTube, it is worth a look. Kev-in-Thailand You Tube. Kev is a prolific Vlogger, and no, I am not being rude !! that means a Video Blogger! Occasionally he does a Live video from the meeting.

Tables along the front. Early morning and took picture between customers!

Food pictured below was for the Kev in Thailand meeting and as usual proved to be very popular and tasty. As it vanished from sight it was replenished and as usual Kev was kept busy in conversation.

There is of course a pool table but it is not available on a Wednesday Evening as it doubles as the food table! Sunday afternoon is a Killer Pool Competition if you fancy that.

The Rib Shack is a “Take Away or Eat In” addition to the side of the Hideaway, and is now open from 9.30 until 23.00, oddly enough they sell Ribs as well as Chicken Breast, Sausages and Fries and you can follow that with Ice Cream Etc.

Ok Ok I know, it’s closed, it’s not 5.00 yet! But now it’s open from 09.30.

As you can see in the picture below they do daily specials.

As a Guest House they have ten rooms including a ground floor studio which is wheelchair accessible. Here is their excellent Website which provides everything you might need and more! Hideaway Guest House.

Or you can use this :

As a Bar there is a disabled toilet at the side of the Hideaway, a hidden asset which can be difficult to find in Pattaya.

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