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The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant, Soi 13 Beach Road, Pattaya

This is a great place to pop in for some quality food and drink, with big TV’s to watch some Sports or use the Pool Table. Open from 7.00am till 2.00am

The Sportsman has been around a long time, in fact from 1997, and now being run with Dave Bowers in the background and Darren Lowe being more hands on, it has and always had, a good English Pub feel to it.

Just chatting with Darren for a few minutes, and I could feel the enthusiasum he has about food! He has always been involved with food, cooking in his parents pub and then moving into food distribution and now as part of The Sportsman he is back to both Pub Grub and Distribution in The Sportsman and Bowman Pies, a lifetimes passion being put into food.

They have Bowmans Pies, which are shipped Nationwide, and available from various places from Songkhla in the deep South to Udon Thani in the far North East, not to mention some of the big, and not so big, Supermarkets.

Steak, Steak & Kidney, Chicken & Mushroom, Pasties and Pork Pies to name a few and of course they make Fruit Pies too. Being a randomly small world, I popped in to The Irish Clock last week on my first visit to Udon Thani, and had a really good Sausage and Mash, I only found out when I came back here that they are Bowmans Pies most Northerly customer!

Good old British Pub.

As a byproduct of some re-structuring London Pie has temporarily closed but they will re-open London Pies shortly to introduce some Vegetarian and Vegan Varieties. Look out for some interesting flavours being introduced!

The Sportsman run a special every two days. But these are real specials, not just picked from the menu and called a special! They are well thought out and researched to provide regulars with some interesting food and as I said, they are not just menu items, they are new and interesting dishes.

Lots of offers or things to entice you every day, check out their Web Page here or their Facebook Page here to see their latest deals or Specials.

Thursday night at 9.00pm is their regular Pub Quiz Night.

Friday night from 6.00 till 10.00pm there is an all you can eat Pizza, Pasta and Salad Buffet.

On Sunday there is a day off from Specials, they have an all you can eat Sunday Roast Carvery from 12.30 till 8.30. If you can not get there on a Sunday there is no need to miss out, just order a plated roast from the menu any day you like!

Last day of the month at 9.00pm is a prize draw for a Samsung Galaxy product. Just put your details on the back of your Receipt and leave it in the prize draw box. Easy!

Now that was a special, I still remember having it and the Wow factor! Not sure what it was called, some kind of a Curry Burger but I really enjoyed it. Had a job to find the picture though as I could not remember when it was. Picture dated it as 28/04/16!

The Sportsman also do outside catering for Institutions, Events and Party Food for Bars. Always worth a call if you need some outside catering for that event or special occasion. Lots of choices from kids parties to large events, check out their impressive Party Food Pattaya site here.

Dogs Dinner anyone?

Just an anecdote from Darren, from back in his parents pub. Having some leftover meat after taking all the usual cuts, a customer pops his head round the doorway, and asks if he can have some for his dog. That was of course a no! But after using the same meat to make up a stew type dish, the same customer looks in the next day and says wow that looks like a “Dogs Dinner”.

That became an inspiration and Darren went out and bought some dog dishes to serve it up….and it became very popular on the menu!

Food is always available as a takeaway, using Hungry Now, Grab and Food Panda, and collection is also available simply call the cashier to place your order on 038 710609 or pop in and have a drink while you wait!

Pool table at the back with a white cover. Some booth seating at the back on the right.

Not quite finished with The Sportsman yet. They also have Five Star Visa Runs who can help you with a variety of Visa Runs, Visa requirements, or even arranging Tours, since 2005. Just ask at the adjacent booth between 9 – 5 or message from their Web with the link above.

Ok I have written this blog a while ago, but delayed posting it, as the world seems to have gone a bit skew wiff, something about a virus I think. To find out more, there is a really good documentary about it, which I found both entertaining and informative. It is called “The Twelve Monkeys” and well worth watching lol.

Now things are just starting to open up, as have The Sportsman, but it may take a while to get back to some sort of normal, we really have no idea at this time. And because of the restrictions in place some of the above items may have to be changed or put on hold. Things like ” San Mig & Burger” are a bit difficult when you can not have a drink with your meal! You can buy alcohol but only as a take away!

They are located between Beach Road and The Avenue on Second Road, on Soi 13. Thanks to Google Maps easy to find here.

Ok this will, I am guessing, all seem a bit surreal in the future, but just in the last couple of days you have been allowed to have a meal and an alcoholic drink in a restaurant!!

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