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Udon Thani, Isaan, North East, Thailand.

Putting Udon Thani on the City with an Icon map since 2013!

Just a day out in Udon Thani. My first trip up here. Lots of stuff going on so it can be difficult to choose which places to visit. Just an hour and a quarter for a flight from Pattaya U-Tapao to Udon International Airport or about a nine hour drive along 690 Km of the route 7, route 9 and route 2 roads.

Picture kindly pinched from Great Breakfast Room at Thanbury Hotel.

We randomly chose the Thanbury Hotel, situated near to some of the bars and restaurants as well as Central Plaza Shopping Mall. A new, modern and pleasant hotel, they have car parking and a lift for the lazy (ok thats me then!) and included a buffet breakfast. All very modern and clean, I would certainly go back again. I especially liked the feel of the breakfast area, although covered, there is a water feature and it is open on two sides, and as it was raining, it gave it an extra bonus point!

Hiding half of an ugly clock! No, the one on the right!

First is a trip to Nong Prajak Park, which is in the middle of a lake, for a wander round and feed the ducks, not that they ever eat!!

Just so comical to see and get a Selfie. A further wander round the park there is a giant clock, and yes it works, then some amazing trees, a couple of Suspension Bridges, and a few large iconic pots from Ban Chiang (more about that later). On the lake there are some Yellow Duck Pedaloes for a paddle round. Some exercise equipment, bike rental options, good paths and cycle paths, kids play stuff and some snack options are all here. A good place for a wander in the cooler parts of the day.

Ban Chiang National Museum is almost an hour away from our Diggs in Udon. It is well worth a visit, a really modern and well presented museum, so much to see and read as you walk round. The displays are all very well presented with good information both in Thai and English. There are also Audio Options as you walk in so you can use a QR Code on your phone to get audio in a few different languages, although I did not try it. From its accidental discovery in 1966, this amazing Burial Site has brought some international cooperation, and after major digging, has released some amazing historical evidence going back up to 5000 years ago, not just Pottery but also Bronze/Iron works for Axe and Spear heads. In fact it has been listed as a World Heritage site

They are open from Tuesday to Sunday and National Holidays from 0900 to 1600

I Looked up places to go in Udon on Lappy and found this place. Amongst the reviews there was a negative one. And here it is….

“I’m very aware of the double pricing policy in Thailand but this museum beats the lot. They asked 150 bath for me and 30 bath for my wife. 150 bath won’t make me poor, but a 500 % increase is a pure scandal. I told them to put their ancient pots in a place where the Thai sun doesn’t shine!
I strongly suggest tourists to boycot this place!”

I sort of understand the thought that you are paying more, but really, is 150 baht expensive, for me it is actually pretty cheap for what you are getting for the money. And if my lady gets in for 30 baht then thats a massive 500% bonus for me. Back home we would have paid the same to get in somewhere like this, effectively 150 baht x 2 which is 300 baht. Here it cost me 150 + 30 which is 180 baht. So I saved 120 baht! Ok the back home bit was just an example to show the point but it would have been 15 Quid each which would have cost £30!

And its a bit sad for someone to be rude to the girl selling tickets because it has nothing to do with her. And the moaning Minnie sadly missed what is a really good exhibiton.

Did they invent the Hospital Bed Urinal !

Wat Kam Chanot is next on the list being about fifty minutes from Ban Chiang. This is a Buddist Temple and very well known for producing lottery numbers. You can see where there has been talc rubbed on the tree roots to try and discern a number or three.

It is accessed along a long concrete walkway with both wall tops being adorned by a multi headed serpent, depicting Naga (the Naga Lord Sisotho) the mythical large snake that is thought to have been living here. It is a walk back in time into a small forest that has probably not changed for few hundred years.

The chap on the left is looking for the next lottery numbers!

It is also a walk in bare feet and probably a couple of hundred yards, at least it felt like that on that rough paving on my poor feet!

After our visit I told a friend, who shall not be named and shamed here, who then told me about his trip there with his wife Fon. He knew it was a place renowned for giving lucky winning lotto numbers so he told Fon, as a joke, that he had seen numbers in the tree. When they got back to their village, Fon told everyone the numbers Sean had seen, and of course they all bought the numbers for the next lotto.

Naga Lord Sisotho looking after the walkway!

As it happened the numbers won! He also said that they did not buy the numbers, but I suspect that Fon would not have missed a chance like that, and of course then, she would not have had to share her winnings with Sean!

Very sadly Fon is not with us any more or I would have been able to check my theory. Nice one Fon! Of course its all a load of mumbo jumbo, or maybe Naga gave him a nudge in the right direction!

Great Irish place but not a very good photo!

Back in Udon for dinner we came upon a nice Irish Pub called the Irish Clock where I had a very nice Sausage and Mash and Gravy. It was a great finish for a good day out.

Yes there are are Sausages hiding in there and they were really good! I did ask for the gravy on the side.

As it happens, I found out when I was back in Pattaya, sorting out a Blog for the Sportsman in Soi 13, that they supply the Irish Clock with Bowmans Pies! Sometimes it really is a small world.

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