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Coffee Break, Phratamnak Hill, Pattaya, Thailand.

Entrance to Coffee Break, after you get to the top of the road.

Ok this is somewhere to have a coffee or a cold drink. Well worth a trip to actually see such a magnificent view of the Pattaya Beach front along, well, Pattaya Beach Road! 

Pattaya Sea Front

Always popular and it can get crowded and the view can be obscured by Selfie Cameras!

Pattaya Walking Street is in the foreground.

Coffee Break is up a one way road that loops round to the right and back to the bottom. It is not the real Yellow Brick Road but it is protected on both sides by some yellow rollers, so should you have a brake failure at the top it will operate like a toboggan run and funnel you to the bottom at breakneck speed.

There is some car parking at the very top of the road on the left hand side but it is narrow in some places so care must be taken. A car park is at the top between the up and down roads but is accessed by driving a short way down again, on the one way system, and it will be on your right!

Tobbogan Run!

Coffee Break is situated opposite the top of the road. Turn left towards the statue of a famous Thai Admiral the founder of the Thai Navy and a viewpoint looking from the Phratamnak area towards the sea. Turn right to another viewing area more inland.

Not really a Nature Reserve but I have seen, Chickens, Cats, Butterflies Squirrels and oddly, Caterpillars ab-sailing from the trees above. Not all on the same day though! None of them being a reason to visit!

Snacks are also served but are more Thai Style. Just Order and Pay on the way in.

This link will get you there, thanks to Google Maps. Coffee Break, Phratamnak, Pattaya.  

Edit: After a few complaints, can I re-phrase the note above? The link will only SHOW you the way to get there!!

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