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The Dark Side of Pattaya! Thailand.

Pattaya City Sign

Ok this is scary stuff. We probably need help over here! USE THE FORCE LUKE….well no, I live there ( mostly!) and don’t really need help, well no more than I usually do.

Pattaya Thailand

This could be a Newspaper Headline from just about any and every newspaper scare story over the years! Just reading it is enough to make sure you never go there. Come on now, there must be more villains there in the Dark Side of Pattaya than in Gotham City during Batman’s Vacation week.

The Dark Side of Pattaya is actually just the East side of Pattaya across the Sukhumvit Road and is really a nice place, nothing like the name conjurs up! Looking at the Map above the East Side is the lower part below the Sukhumvit Road and Pattaya Beach front is above.

It is just a historical reference to it being not so bright as the Neon Lit Sea Side of Pattaya (West), the two sides being divided from each other by the Sukhumvit Road.

Of course, as well as the lack of Neon Signs, there were a lot less street lights and less in the way of proper roads, Houses, Condos and effectively a very much more rural area. And it is still very un-built up in places!

Nowadays we have lots of street lighting and very recently these very decorative street lights, it is a shame so many do not work!

But progress has crossed the Sukhumvit Road and now we have everything that is Pattaya….Night life though a shade quieter, a shopping Mall (The Chilled) though a few shades smaller and traffic, and I can say that the traffic this side is less!!

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