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Bake n’ Brew, Coffee Cakes n’ Breakfast, Soi Excite, Pattaya City, Thailand.

Front view of Bake n Brew showing Sign and Bike Parking.
Bake n’ Brew bike parking at the front and side.

A great place to get a good Breakfast and good Coffee.

Plenty of choices and consistently good quality.

Just stop by for a coffee and a cake there is a good range in a glass cabinet to tempt your palate.

Easy access because Bake n’ Brew is situated between Third Road and Soi Buakhao.

Bake n’ Brew Bread Buffet although the bread is hiding!

One of my favourite things is the “Bread Buffet” which is included with the main breakfast sets. A good selection of Bread with a Toaster, Butter, Jam and Marmalade! Ok there are times when you grab a slice and its a bit dry but that’s because customers can’t be asked to keep the slices together and put the cover over! There is even an option to just have the Bread Buffet!

Wow that’s some good bread there!

They also sell a good selection of assorted loaves.

A couple of car places outside across the road but I usually park on Third Road and walk across or if on the bike just park out front or at the side.

Bake n’ Brew on Google Maps!

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