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Aroi Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand.

Aroi Restaurant. Outside view with new sign.
Aroi Restaurant

This is a very nice Pub and Restaurant and it has a Continental flavour. Ok it is actually a Continental Restaurant. They have been around here a while now but they have just moved about 400 metres further up the road (away from the Sukhumvit ) and round the corner on the left. Easy to follow signs are there to help find the new location, but it is on the road opposite the new CJ Supermarket.

I always thought the old place was a bit oversize, but maybe that was just because of the long and narrow layout.
The new place is a little smaller but it is not small in any way. The new Aroi Restaurant is very well laid out and will give a much more cosy atmosphere. A good sized seating space out the front and an L shaped interior.

The place is not actually finished as I write. They have only been here a few days as I write this and there seems a list of things not quite finished yet. But I think that is mostly cosmetic and will not really matter and will get sorted with a little time. .

New Place mats and Basket of Bread and Pate.

Sometimes it is the little things that can give you the feel good factor. A welcoming smile and a few words or the basket of crusty bread, with a knob of Butter and some Pate!

A Brochette with mixed meats and Prawns. A skewer on a metal frame.
Instrument of Torture ? Nope it’s a Brochette with Mixed Meats and Prawns very Yummy!

There is going to be a new menu giving different size portions for dishes and a salad buffet. That is really good news to me, as I struggle with large portions and it is frequenly an issue for me. I understand a lot of guys want a belly full of food to match a good price, but I have difficulty with being wasteful and leaving food on my plate! Guess it’s how I was brought up!

Car Park and Childrens Playground. A work in progress.
Car Park and Playground are a work in progress.

At the side will be a childrens play area and a car park. Although it is not quite finished yet, probably hard to tell!

Lol Stairs going nowhere!

I like the music too!! Oh and before I forget, there is no sign saying “Private Please Do not Go Upstairs” but I think you will get the message !

Directions are here to the old place. I will revise this when I can. The Aroi Pub and Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand

It is only about 400 metres to the new Restaurant. And did I mention ” No Smoking ” inside ? Thats always a good call for me!

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