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The Players Sports Bar, Featuring :- PrimeBurger, Soi Buakhao, Pattaya.

Maybe that should be PrimeBurger, Aka The Players Sports Bar, Soi Buakhao, Pattaya.

The Players Sports Bar and PrimeBurger

Just a chance visit found a really great Burger! Never expected that! Meeting friends on Soi Buakhao, a phone call as we arrived gave us a heads up for a place I did not know. The Players Sports Bar ? Never heard of it!

The Paris Really Good!

Not having been there before, or really knowing anything about it, we just went looking for The Players Sports Bar and seeing the Sign from further along Soi Buakhao we then discovered it was the old Butchers Arms.

Completely new management now and being The Players Sports Bar, I find it odd that it’s secondary feature (but almost a Main Feature!) is the incorporation of the PrimeBurger. Never heard of PrimeBurger before, we sat down at a table with friends Ricky and Mint, and found a PrimeBurger Menu presented as a Laminated Table Mat with a ” Yes I had one the other day and they are good” from Ricky.

The PrimeBurger, which originated in Patong, Phuket, and won a best Burger Award there last year has been a good success story! Now there are three PrimeBurger outlets.

PrimeBurger Menu

The Five Featured Beef Burgers are named from Capital Citys and are complemented by a Dubai Chicken, a Tokyo Fish, and an Ayia Napa Veggie one making the set of Eight. They come in single, double or triple Pattys to suit the size of your hunger and can be complemented by an assortment of types of Fries, Sides, Extras and Dips.

Jens Olsson is the man behind The Players Sports Bar after previously managing The Beefeater Steakhouse. They have been busy in the background, and there is a new “Players Sportsbar” Non-Burger Menu being printed, very much the same as the old one, which seems to have been sidelined by the popularity of the PrimeBurger Menu . Covering Starters, Salads, Pasta, Ribs, Steak, Chicken, Pork, Desserts and Thai Food. Well worth a look if you are eating too many PrimeBurgers!!

You can of course get a takeaway ordered from Grab or Panda.

Pool and Darts

They have a Pool Table and Dart Board at the back of the Bar Area. There are also Rooms to Rent upstairs.

Jens also runs Golf Trips as can be seen Here although it is in Swedish at the moment. Jens can be contacted by This Link (although it might be a challenge Lol) or by phone on 0899708006.

The other two locations are in Phuket in Central Patong Shopping Mall which is an easy six minute walk from Patong Beach, and in Bangkok on the Sukhumvit Road between Soi’s 27 and 29.

That is a good one if you are waiting for some Passport or Visa stuff at VFS Global in the Trendy Building on Sukhumvit 11!! Just a fifteen minute walk or five minutes on a motorbike taxi through Bangkok Traffic for the very brave!

Disclaimer : Other Modes of Transport are Available!

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