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Chow Soy, Chinese Food & Guest House, Soi Chaiyapoon, Pattaya.

Chow Soy Sign

Chinese Food (English Style) but maybe an oxymoron hanging in there somewhere! They also do English and Thai Grub to cover a variety of tastes.

Chow Mein & Sweet & Sour

The Menu covers a fair bit of stuff, all the usual Chinese things, Sweet and Sour to Spring Rolls, Beef Curry to Fried Rice. As well as the full size Menu they have also produced a Take Away style Menu as below!

The English food covers Sausage and Mash, Pies, Gammon, Steaks and assorted all day Breakfasts, Omeletts and Desserts including Apple Pie with Custard or Ice Cream. There is of course Thai Grub on the Menu.

Aircon Inside
There is an Aircon room inside.

It is simply nice food at very reasonable prices and well situated because Soi Chaiapoon runs off Soi Buakhoa very near to the LK Metro Complex, and running parallel with Soi Lengkee, continues on to Third Road. The Soi is of course busy with Bars and Touristy venues so it can be a bit noisy at night time.

A Busy Street
A plethora of businesses along this Soi.

Soi Chaiyapoon is also known as Soi Pothole! In the picture above it has been recently resurfaced, let’s hope it stays that way! But maybe not! I am only guessing here, but a new layer of Tarmac a couple of microns thick may not last long!

Sausage n' Mash
Sausage and Mash always a favourite for me!

As a bonus Chow Soy is situated opposite to Canterbury Tales Bookshop which is a good place to pick up a few books!

Room for Rent Sign

They have Rooms for Rent here too. They have nice big Rooms with Aircon, King Sized Beds, Large Fridge, Sofa’s, Coffee Table, Ceiling Fans, Big TV’s and Safety Boxes. They have Desktop Computers in the rooms too. Access to rooms is via a keycard through the outside door. Contact details are in the picture above.

They do have a local delivery option or you can go to Foodpanda and order on line.

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