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Barry House Resort, Kasset Sombun, Chaiyapum, Thailand

View from outside seats in front of room.
Just a View from My Office Today!

A really nice place to spend a bit of time. This resort is probably just over 10 years old and is about a dozen chalets mostly situated around a Swimming Pool.

Canopy over Outside Seating
Seats along the Pool Front under Cover.

Pool front has seating and tables under a canopy.

Barry House inside Room

The rooms are a good size with Aircon and a Fan. Balcony and seats out front. En-Suite Toilets with Electric Showers.

Breakfast with a Good View!

There is a some basic food available from Pizza, Burgers, Fries, Cooked Breakfast, and Sandwiches. There is of course also a bar available.

Ok this is not quite Pattaya if you are being picky, but its only 530 km away! Just a seven hour or so tootle in the car!

For a link to Google Maps look Here   

Ok Just One Last Teaser!

Just on the outer edge of Kasset Sombun it is not too far from the center. Telephone 081 730 4977 / 086 150 0873. An ideal place to stay and not too far from Nong Bua Daeng or Chum Phae.

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