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The Long Drive olf Range. Pattaya, Thailand.

Computer Generated Sign but they forgot the spellchecker!

Hmm, a bit of an odd title that, but never mind. It is just that the G is missing from the sign outside!

No, it is not about a road trip! This is a nudge about The Long  Drive Golf Range. 

It is all about practicing hitting Golf Balls in the right direction.  I had previously assumed it was easy until I watched a 7 year old on his second lesson!

They have been around a while, as is shown by the missing letter in the sign outside! But don’t let that “putt” you off as there were a few customers in attendance. 

Each of the 30 Tees has a big wooden table and stools with an overhead sweep fan. 

There is a shop for Golf equipment, drinks fridges, and a kitchen area which produced some assorted grub for us from a simple menu.

Floodlit after dark and ample car parking too.

Cutting Edge Safety is always a consideration!

Ok a few Baht Basics:-

3 boxes of balls (35 in each) 110bt (on offer at the moment)

Loan of a Golf bat to hit said Balls 50bt

For a lesson 800bt

10 lessons 6000

It is a fair way (should that be fairway ?) along Toongklom-Talman Road heading from the Sukhumvit Road (past Aroi Pub) it is on the left about 2.5 Km or 4 mins drive.


Their Prices are the real ones, prices here might be typing errors !!


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