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Kamrai Hair.

Kamrai Hair

A simple one this! Just a very Good Service at very reasonable prices!

Kamrai Hair Phone 0871039 838

Kamrai Hair for Hair Cut, Shave & Trim, Shampoo, Hair Colour,

Face Scrub/Massage/Mask and Hair Straightening.

Not far past the 7-Eleven 087 1039 838

Open 09.00 to 20.00 just drop by or call 087 1039 838

Kamrai has been there almost a year and is trying to build up a good customer base, why not stop in and treat your Hair!

Not hard to find, just head up Noen Plub Whan and turn right at the sign for Tara Pattana School. Pass the local Phuyai Kuy Market and Tesco Lotus on the right and it is just after the 7-Eleven on the left, after two small roads also on the left

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