Keith In Pattaya – Thailand

Blogging my way around Pattaya and sometimes Thailand



Siamburi’s, Soi Khao Talo, Pattaya, Thailand.

This is a great shop for buying grub from back home. Lots of the usual brands and foods. Lots of other things too, some local stuff made like the things from back home…meat pies being a good example. Oh and “from back home” can also mean the complete opposite…… from GB or Aus! This picture shows the newer larger size shop, the picture lower down shows it is a smaller size, at the back before being extended. Open every day, 08.00am to 08.00pm  every day of the week. PG tips, Tetley, Yorkshire and Typhoo and a host of biscuits to go with your choice. of cuppa! All the familiar names, […]

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