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Boontawa Hotel, Kasset Sombun, Chaiyapum, Thailand.

This Hotel is situated right in the center of Kasset Sombun in Chaiyapum District. Opposite the Hospital and adjacent to the Sunday Market.

From the front it is not so much to look at, but behind it, is a two story block with 28 rooms with some rooms being a little larger and better presented. Every room has Aircon, a Fridge and an Ensuite Loo with Electric Shower.

The rooms are on two levels with the ones upstairs being accessed from the outer balcony. There are three choices of Rooms, Vip rooms, Double Bed rooms and Twin Bed rooms. Prices ranging 700 / 600 / 500 TBt

There are occasional tables and chairs outside the rooms for some outside seating. There is a Sofa on the landing at the top of the stairs.

With free coffee, and cake, there is a self service point each side centrally placed by the stairs with help yourself cups and hot water.

There is parking available along both sides of the hotel with a simple one way system to circulate easily. We have stayed there many times and even when there was a Festival going on we have managed to get a parking space!

Just love the ornamental Balustrade

There is free Wi Fi and the Boontawa Hotel is within easy walking distance to the 7 Eleven.

And by the Magic that is Google Maps it is Here!

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