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The Chilled, Soi Khao Noi, Pattaya, Thailand

Coming up Soi Khao Noi The Chilled is on the right hand side.

This is a mini Shopping Mall. Located on busy Soi Khao Noi it is a recent and welcome addition for the “Dark Side” of Pattaya. There is ample parking at the front, the side and underneath. 

Tops is inside The Chilled

Once inside, the biggest shop is a well stocked Tops Supermarket (who are linked with Waitrose). Plenty of imported foodstuffs on the shelves. Tops also have an integral cafe where they have a good range of nice food, cooked to order in an open kitchen. There have some bar style seating along the front window, so you can eat or have coffee watching the world go by! 

For a healthy option they have a large take away salad bar, lots of choices! There is also a good selection of Bread and pastries! 

The main area adjacent to Tops is an open plan shopping area, where you can buy a House or Condo, Gym Equipment, Clothes, have an Eye test, get Ice Cream, pop into the Watsons go into The Moon Bistro or sit at the Chao Doi Coffee Shop.

Mr DIY at The Chilled on Soi Khao Noi

Upstairs by Lift or Escalator and there is a MR DIY filled with a plethora of things that that you never knew you needed, but they are just as cheap as chips! Never managed to walk around MR DIY without buying a few things! Around the rest of the First Floor there is a small Food Court, a Property Shop, Childrens Play Area and Bouncy castle, and Martial Arts Academy and a Massage Shop.

A good place to go for a bit of a wander in airconditioned coolness, a bit of grub, a bit of shopping and then a nice coffee!!

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