Keith In Pattaya – Thailand

Blogging my way around Pattaya and sometimes Thailand



Four Kings Fitness and Sauna, Noen Plub Wan, Pattaya, Thailand.

This is a very nice place to relax and spend some time and there is no rushing to leave! Just come along and spend time chilling, have a sauna, a swim, some grub and a coffee or even a beer. Essentially it is what it says on the tin, a Sauna. For those who are not conversant with this it is a very hot and humid room which you go into to get very hot, then you come out and get in the very cold pool to, well, get cold! There is also a Steam Room for a similar but slightly different approach but effectively doing the same thing, which […]

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Rim Than Restaurant, Kasset Sombun, Chaiyapum, Thailand.

Been here many times. The food is always good but it is Thai / Issan Food so I have things which are not spicy or are cooked by request without chilli. This is a Mom and Pop place, and they have a big area. There are basic tables at the front by the main road and more formal areas at the rear overlooking the river. It is situated at the Western end of the main street in Kasset Sombun and is pretty much equidistant between the two main places to stay, Barry House Resort and Boontawa Hotel. Stir fried frog and appetizing Egg Ants are on the menu when they […]

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