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Sawang Boriboon Foundation, Pattaya, Thailand.

Sawang Boriboon HQ Pattaya
Sawang Boriboon HQ Pattaya, Thailand.

It started out as a Thai-Chinese Buddhist Humanitarian Charitable Organization founded in 1948. They have a place very near to Naklua Fish Market in Pattaya, Thailand.

Sawang Boriboon HQ and Temple.
Sawang Boriboon HQ and Temple.

It is a good place to go to make Merit, that is to give something away or help others, to try and get a bit of good luck, sometimes for your birthday or sometimes because your luck is a bit thin to non existent, or maybe donate some money for no reason!

Sawang Boriboon Ambulances
Sawang Boriboon Ambulances

I guess it is a reflection of the Buddhist Philosopy of doing good for others to get brownie points! Not only run by donations but by some staff and a lot of volunteers.

Sponsored Ambulance
Sawang Boriboon Ambulance, Helped with a Good Dollop of Sponsorship.

They are based within a large compound with a Chinese style temple. There you can make a donation towards their Running expenses, filling in a duplicate donation form and receiving a receipt and a note telling how to go in their temple and what to do to get some good luck!!

Sawang Boriboon Compound
Sawang Boriboon Compound. The Cover was temporary and was removed a week after.

They run an ambulance service (there is not an organized proper one). So you will see their sign written ambulances with lights and sirens blazing as they go to assist the unfortunate people who get ill or are involved in accidents. The ambulances are run with trained staff for Emergencies, either Accident or Medical Response.

Sawang Boriboon HQ and Temple.
Sawang Boriboon HQ and Temple.

They also look after and deal with the deceased who have no money or family to fund a funeral. In fact that is going back to basics for them as they started out originally by looking after Chinese workers who were poor, ill or even dead, with no family to help them.

Sawang Boriboon Foundation School
Sawang Boriboon Foundation School

They also have a school founded in 2001 with a new school being opened in 2012 in Soi Noen Plub Wan. It is for teaching Thai, English and Chinese and based upon Thai-Chinese Traditions. Starting out with about 100 they now teach over 2000 pupils.

Yellow Boat on Trailer
Sawang Boriboon Rescue Boat

Did I mention they have a boat or three and will rescue and recover from the sea too, although I don’t think their boats have flashing lights or sirens! Their Marine Rescue boat operates from Bali Hai Pier and is manned 24 hours.

Sawang Boriboon Rescue Boat
Sawang Boriboon Rescue Boat. Some of their Assorted Vehicles are Kindly Donated to Them

They help with Disaster Relief and Rescue Missions and have also used boats in the Flood Relief Missions they have taken part in with coordinated help from other Organisations.

Blue Boat
Sawang Boriboon Boat

So if you are feeling like donating to a worthwhile cause then here it is! Pop over to Naklua and give them a few Baht! And in the meantime put these numbers in your phone for emergency use:

Pattaya 038 222 474, National 1669. They do operate from various locations around the country and are not the only Ambulance Service.

Sawang Boriboon Donations Counter.
Donations Counter

Lastly, I have just seen this article from The Pattaya News, which is a bit annoying and sad! Not really much you can do to secure a small wooden Box on the street!

Disclaimer : Other Charitable Organisations are Available.

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